This TEDx Talk describes some of our work on the perception of the physical environment. In brief, we find that people’s current bodily and emotional state changes how they see the world.

The Charity People United has been organising a series of so-called “Living Room” events, in which they bring together scientists and artists in an informal setting with a small audience. This event was called “Ways of Seeing – the Body as Metaphor” and featured dancer and choreographer Jasmin Vardimon in conversation with Simone Schnall. Jasmin’s work is known for its visually stunning and gravity defying choreography and its exploration of the human experience offering the viewer multiple perspectives.


This talk was part of “HeadCon ’14”, and event organised by the Foundation. I explored my personal experience with a recent replication project. In the talk, I shared some reflections on this experience, and on how replication efforts are currently carried out. In this regard, I was talking to a group of colleagues in my field who are mostly acquainted with the relevant scientific issues.


Here is a conversation with with some thoughts on the role of cleanliness in conceptions and experiences of morality. It relates to our paper on the influence of cleanliness on moral judgment, and explores some general themes of how morality has been studies recently, and how the field has been more and more adopting an approach to viewing morality as driven by gut feelings and intutions rather than rational consideration.