News Media

Our work often gets covered in national and international news outlets. A selection of articles appears below.

State of Mind (Italy). 22 June, 2018. Bleah! Il senso del disgusto per proteggerci.

Forskning (Norway). 7 June, 2018. 6 fomer for avsky som holder deg frisk.

L’OBS avec Rue89 (France). 6 June, 2018. Cafards, croûtes: ce que nos dégoûts disent de nous.

The Guardian. 5 June, 2018. Yuck! Why there’s more to disgust than not getting sick.

CNN. 7 April. Seeing the Pope help strangers made me tear up. Later I learned why.

El Mundon (Spain). 22 January, 2018. Claves para que este año sea el más feliz de tu vida.

Washington Post. 4 January 2018. Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is not about will power.

Entrepreneur. 18 July 2017. 25 habits of successful and extremely happy people.

Metro. 20 March 2017. Attention all selfie takers: Your right side is always better.

Business Insider. 1 February 2017. Look more powerful in photos when facing to the right — here is why.

Psychology Today. 25 August 2016. This is what people would pay to avoid sadness or feel love.

Huffington Post. 19 August 2016. Crazy busy? How much would you pay for an hour of calm?

Alverde Magazin (Germany). August 2014. Seelendusche.

The Human Zoo (BBC Radio 4 Interview). 8 July 2014. Mind and body thinking together.

The Naked Scientists (BBC Science Podcast). 11 February, 2014. Feeling powerless makes for a heavy load.

Medical News Today. 8 February, 2014. Feeling powerless ‘makes tasks more physically challenging’.

Voice of America. 7 February, 2014. Study: feeling powerless makes physical tasks harder.

Independent Online. 7 February, 2014. Why adversity feels like a heavy burden.

Life Science. 7 February, 2014. To the powerless, world weighs heavier.

Cuarto Poder. 6 February, 2014. Sin poder, las cosas pesan más.

Kopalnia Wiedzy. 4 February, 2014. Bezsilnym wszystko wydaje się cięższe.

Наука и технологии России. 4 February, 2014. Новая сторона силы.

Tendencias 21. 4 February, 2014. El sentimiento de impotencia hace que los objetos nos parezcan más pesados.

Business Standard. 4 February, 2014. Feeling socially ‘powerless’ makes physical tasks heavier.

Huffington Post UK. 4 February, 2014. How feeling powerless actually has a physical impact.

Daily Mail. 4 February. 2014. Why adversity feels such a heavy burden.

Daily Telegraph. 4 February, 2014. Feeling in control lightens the load.

The Times. 4 February, Moving up in life can literally lighten the load.

BBC World Service (BBC radio, UK). 4 February, 2014.

CBS Sunday Morning (TV show, USA). 17 March, 2013. 

Times Higher Education. 10-16 January, 2013. Colouring the argument.

Times of India. 19 December, 2012. Black and white colours affect our judgment.

Daily Telegraph. 19 December, 2012. No grey areas when we’re exposed to monochrome.

East Anglian Daily Times. 19 December, 2012. Study shows how black and white sways judgment.

Yorkshire Post. 19 December, 2012. How people think in black and white.

Cambridge News. 19 December, 2012. Many shades of justice…

Press and Journal. 19 December, 2012. How black and white can sway judgments.

CNBC. 19 December, 2012. Black and white can lead you to make extreme judgments.

Daily Mail. 18 December, 2012. No grey areas: Seeing the colours black and white can actually lead to more extreme views.

New Scientist. July 20, 2012. The yuck factor: The surprising power of disgust.

Backpacker Magazine. September 2011. Mind over mountain: New research offers mental tricks for conquering steep slopes.

National Public Radio. May 17, 2011. How even the best of us can act “Out of Character.”

New York Times (USA). October 23, 2010. All politics is olfactory.

Medill Reports Chicago (USA). April 2010. Kindness is contagious, new study finds.

Der Spiegel (Germany). February 13, 2010. Warme Brust.

MSNBC (USA). February 10, 2010. Why watching Oprah makes you a better person.

Der Standard (Austria). February 8, 2010. Hilfsbereitschaft ist ansteckend.

Science Daily. February 4, 2010. Pay it forward: Elevation leads to altruistic behavior.

Psychologie Heute (Germany). April 2009. Ekel, die moralische Emotion.

Glen Falls Post-Star (USA). 28 December, 2008. Cleanliness can affect judgment.

ABC News. 5 December, 2008. Clean body, clean mind?

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany). 2 December, 2008. Saubere Hände, reines Gewissen.

Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark). 2 December, 2008. God hygiejne kan skade moralen.

De Telegraaf (Netherlands). 2 December, 2008. Handenwassers oordelen milder.

Gigazine (Japan). 2 December, 2008. Washing hands can make you less judgmental, scientists say.

Science Daily. 2 December, 2008. Cleanliness makes people less severe in moral judgments.

Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Germany). 2 December, 2008. Saubere Hände stimmen milde.

China Daily (China). 2 December, 2008. Clean people are less judgmental.

Der Spiegel (Germany). 1 December, 2008. Reines Gewissen.

Calcutta Telegraph. 1 December, 2008. Watering down morality.

Financial Express (India). 1 December, 2008. Washing hands can make you less judgemental.

Elsevier (Netherlands). 1 December, 2008. Onderzoek: Wie handen wast, oordeelt milder.

Huffington Post. 1 December, 2008. Study: Clean people are less judgmental.

US News and World Report. 1 December, 2008. Clean people are less judgmental.

Forskning (Norway). 1 December, 2008. Bli ondere med såpe og vann.

Times of India. 30 November, 2008. Washing hands affects judgement.

Sunday Telegraph. 30 November, 2008. Washing hands ‘affects moral judgment’.

The Times. 29 November, 2008. Pure thoughts.

Mail on Sunday. 29 November, 2008. Washing hands can make you less judgmental, scientists say.

Ciudadano (Argentina). 28 November, 2008. Quitar la suciedad del cuerpo podría no ser un buen síntoma.

The Economist. 21 November, 2008. Cleanliness is next to godlessness.

Vancouver Sun. 4 November, 2008. Wash hands, and you wash away doubts: Study.

Scientific American MIND. October, 2008. Illusions of Steepness and Height.

New Scientist. 15 September, 2008. Are happy kids dumb kids?

Psychology Today. July/August, 2008. Mind Your Body: Taking a Stand.

Science News. 18 July, 2008. Good mood gone bad.

Times of India. 18 June, 2008. A friend can ease out your worries.

New Scientist. 15 June, 2008. Friends turn mental mountains into molehills.

San Diego Union Tribune. June 17, 2008. I’m feeling down, but my grades are up.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany). 16 June, 2008. Psychologie unter Freunden: Hilfreiche Anwesenheit.

Education Week. June 11, 2008. Somber Students Found to Outperform Cheerful Students.

Calcutta Telegraph. 9 June, 2008. Don’t be happy, children.

Der Focus (Germany). 6 June, 2008. Traurige Schüler sind aufmerksamer.

Dallas Morning News. 3 June, 2008. Whistle while you work? Unhappiness may actually be a better way to get things done.

Times Higher Education. 2 June, 2008. If you want better results, depress your pupils.

Sunday Telegraph. 31 May, 2008. Sad children do better than happy ones in school.