New Paper: Attitudes Influence Moral Character Evaluations


July 2018.

The latest paper with Konrad Bocian, Wieslaw Baryla, Wojciech Kulseza and Bogdan Wojciszke just came out at the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. We found that beliefs of self-other similarity, mere exposure, and facial mimicry influenced judgments of moral character measured in various ways. These effects were mediated by changes in liking of the judged persons, suggesting that attitudinal influences lay at the core of moral character perceptions. In other words, we show that attitudes shape moral judgments beyond previously studied discrete emotions.

Bocian, K., Baryla, W., Kulesza, W. M., Schnall, S., & Wojciszke, B. (2018). The mere liking effect: Attitudinal influences on attributions of moral character. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 79, 9-20.