New Paper: Spatial Learning in the Digital Fulldome


April 2017.

Together with former colleagues at the University of Plymouth, Ruth Weaver and Craig Hedge (now a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Cardiff University) we just published a paper on social learning in the Digital Fulldome, which is an immersive virtual environment. The Dome we used was similar to a digital planetarium, with participants seated while being surrounded by a wrap-around display. We compared spatial representations used in wayfinding when exposed to the fulldome relative to a flat screen display. The results showed that male participants did better on a test of survey knowledge after learning in the fulldome, but no such benefit occurred for female participants.

Hedge, C., Weaver, R., & Schnall, S. (2017). Spatial learning and wayfinding in an immersive environment: The Digital Fulldome. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 20, 327-333.