Book Published: “Purity and Danger: New Perspectives”


December 2016.

Together with Robbie Duschinsky and Daniel Weiss, Simone Schnall completed an edited book entitled “Purity and Danger: New Perspectives.” Written to mark the 50th anniversary of Mary Douglas’s classic published in 1966, the book draws on recent developments in the social sciences and humanities, including research conducted in psychology, cognitive science, sociology, religious studies and the arts.

The book therefore contains an interdisciplinary mix of chapters from established and emerging scholar that from different angles tackle notions of purity and impurity, or as Douglas called it, “matter out of place.” The book is available on

Duschinsky, R., Schnall, S., & Weiss, D. (Eds.) (2016). Purity and danger now: New perspectives. London: Routledge.